Signing up for our Google+ Community

I have invited all of you that I could find on Google+ to our Google+ Twitter class community, which we will use as the main place for our communications (other, of course, than on Twitter). If you are on Google+, please check for an invitation. A few of you indicated that you aren’t yet on Google+, or I wasn’t able to find you or be sure which account was yours. If you didn’t receive an invitation yet, please do join Google+ if you haven’t already, and then let me know your Google+ URL so that I can add you to the community. Alternatively, add me to your circles (here’s my link:, and I will then be able to find you and invite you.

Here is how to join Google+:

  1. Log into Google.
  2. Once logged in, select the + Link to the left of Mail in the top right corner of the Google window, as in this illustration:

Join Google+

Here is how you can find your Google+ URL:

  1. Once you are logged into Google+, select Profile from the left drop down menu.
  2. Once your profile page appears, select About from the options just below your Profile image.
  3. Look for the Links box on the About page. In the Links box, the first item will be Google+ URL. Please send me thatURL.

Thanks! Do contact me if you have any trouble with this or you have any questions.

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